Rochdale, Lancs-based Pakeeza Dairies/Lancashire Farm Dairies—set up by the Zouq family 15yrs ago to produce natural yogurt but who have now diversified into a range of yogurts and fruit-flavoured lassi yogurt drinks—have reported sales up 19% to £45.0m for the year to January 2020 and operating and pre-tax profits up from £1.29m to £3.03m, increasing their average operating margin from 3.4% to 6.7%. Shareholder funds were up 40% to £9.6m. Staff numbers were up from 221 to 223. Annual dividend was unchanged at £45,000 and directors’ remuneration and pension contributions were up marginally at £57,000. Their tax charge was up from £175,000 to £333,000.