News: Australia


The Mycoplasma bovis eradication programme has cost more than A$203m to date, excluding compensation to farmers, according to the Ministry for Primary Industries. MPI have also  received a total of 1,450 farmer claims with a value of $109.9m and have so far completed 1,100 of those, issuing cheques to farmers valued at about $96.5m. According to the latest figures from MPI more than 116,526 cattle and cows have been culled in just over 2yrs since the M. bovis eradication programme was launched. This is close to initial estimates that around 126,000 animals would be culled during the course of a multi-year surveillance and eradication strategy, or around 1% of New Zealand’s cattle population. The ultimate cost of dealing with the disease is estimated at about $1bn. The culled meat is going into meat products for domestic consumption and export.